The word Daraga is a native word which means maiden. The town was named after the legendary Daragang Magayon.


Daraga is located at the southern slopes of Mayon Volcano. It is bounded by Legazpi City at the east and Camalig at the west side. South of Daraga is the province of Sorsogon. This location made it possible for the realization of the on-going construction of an international airport in Alobo.


Daraga is a five-minute ride from Legazpi City. Different routes of jeepney traverse the busy streets of Daraga. There’s the regular Daraga-Legazpi City route, the Loops 1 and 2 that circle Daraga and Legazpi City through barangays Tagas and Bogtong. And there’s also the jeepney routes connecting Legazpi City and the city and towns of the 3rd district of Albay.


The people of Daraga, like the people of its adjacent municipalities, are known for their unsolicited faith in God, perseverance and courage to face different trials. Their place is frequented by floods during heavy rains and typhoon seasons and not to mention the wraths brought by the periodic activities of Mayon Volcano, but still they never leave their homes and lands.


Daraga is rich in handicraft works and products. Most of these cottage products are exhibited for sale at the Cagsawa Ruins Park. Tourists can enjoy a wide variety of souvenirs and local products of Daraga and Albay in these exhibits. The local products include native abaca bags, fans made of anahaw, and many more. There are also sculptures and statues carved out of volcanic rocks collected from the debris of the previous Mayon eruptions


Most of the Bicolano delicacies can be found at the market, food chains and even in small turo-turo food houses in Daraga. Pili sweets and other by-products, the most preferred food souvenirs by tourists, are available in souvenir shops at Cagsawa Park.


Daraga is most famous for the Cagsawa Ruins in Busay. There one can see the majestic view of Mayon Volcano and the remnants of Cagsawa Church which was buried on Febuary 1, 1814 by the eruption of Mayon. The Centuries old Church of Daraga, the home of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria, is another place worth visiting when in Daraga. The church offers a historic view of ancient architectural works in its façade aside from the view of Mayon and the town proper.
Aside from these historic places, Daraga also has some natural scenic spots like the San Raphael and Nabasan Caves.


Daraga may not have beautiful seas for swimmers but there are garden resorts fitted for outing especially during summer time. There’s the Cagsawa Resort just inside the Cagsawa Park and a few meters away are the Carmela’s, Maharlika, and El Carlos’ Resorts all located in Busay, and the Villa Jesusa in Tagas.


To complete your tour of Daraga, you can visit the Ligñon Hill Nature Park and Albay Park and Wildlife located at the boundaries of Tagas, Daraga and Bogtong, Legazpi City. Both parks are continuously developed by the City of Legazpi and Provincial Government of Albay.


Regular devotees of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria visit the church of Daraga for regular Sunday masses. Meanwhile, a number of devotees flocks the Chapel of Sto. Cristo in Barangay San Roque every Friday and especially during Good Fridays.


In between your tours of different spots in Daraga, you can take a stop and visit the restaurants and fast food chains in the area. Daraga now has major food chains like Colonial Grill, McDonald, Jollibee, and Bigg’s Diners. You can also try the chicken, lugaw and mami stalls around the Daraga Park or Covered Court.


After a day of exciting but tiresome tour around Daraga, you might need a place to relax. Daraga has Villa Amada Hotel at Sagpon near Bicol University College of Education campus. Your stay in Daraga need not be expensive so you can check the cheap motels and travel lodges scattered around the town proper.


Daraga also offers a colorful nightlife for tourists and local residents alike. You can sing your night out at bars like the Terraza Café, Florcindo’s Bar and Grill Hauz, Seven Degrees Bar and Grill, and many more. All situated around the vicinity of Daraga Church. The beer houses that once dominated the town proper at night were relocated farther. Most of them are now operating at Busay near the Shell gas station.


Daraga is now fast growing town. With its present population and income, the LGU is now aiming for its cityhood. As a young city, Daraga will then boast the completion and scheduled operation of the International Airport in Alobo.
This and other new developments will turn Daraga from a maiden city into a full-grown one.